Welcome to Chalked Out; a group of friends turned Youtube creators, specialising in live events and engaging content.

Chalked Out started life as a London based rap-battle league, focussed on building battling up and turning into a professionally managed and well respected creative artform.

After a row of successful events featuring artists from around the world, and collaborating with amazing brands such as King of the Dot and Hot Water Comedy Club, we realised that we didn’t want to compete in the same race as similar brands and set out to differentiate ourselves entirely.

After trying out a few different ideas and taking a break from social media to find our “why”, we found our place creating events with Rappers vs Comedians as our USP. This proved an immediate success and has led to Chalked Out transitioning to be the most recognised brand in the world hosting events of this nature.



Conman Curve



The UIC's

The Ultimate Insults Championship is an annual tournament designed to find the performer capable of the most savage and brutal put downs of all time

Unleash The Ghouls

UTG, hosted by Ambi and Conman, review horror films every single week and break down it's funniest and most memorable moments. Rated "R" for ridiculous!

Scot Roast

Scot Roast, hosted by Pablo Serski and Monty Burns, is Scotlands premier, sell-out Comedy Roast platform where only the most accomplished comedians prevail